Best upcoming DAO projects to follow in 2022

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Best upcoming DAO projects to follow in 2022

DAO stands for a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Unlike the centrally handled traditional financial system, DAO consists of people from different parts of the world to make the changes, so there is no specific owner of the DAO project. Those who have the tokens from the DAO project have the voting rights to make different decisions. The cryptographic codes replace the centrally handled structures to prevent the single point failure so the term “DAO” is often related to the open finance or Decentralized Finance “DeFi”.
After the creation of the Bitcoin blockchain network, Ethereum blockchain came into the existence, and it originally inspired different DAO projects to evolve due to its revolutionary smartcontracts feature. The MakerDAO, the first DAO project to introduce a stablecoin DAI was created on the Ethereum blockchain network. Not just the Ethereum blockchain network, nowadays so many other smartcontacts enabled blockchain supports DAO like Everscale, Polkadot, etc. There are different types of DAO projects. Basically, we can categorize the three DAOs as follows:

Social DAOs,Gaming DAOs, andCollector DAOs

The DAO landscape in 2021 looked impressive and there was a huge trend to dive into the decentralized ecosystem. Popular projects like MakerDAO, Uniswap, Aave, etc. were the key players in the market. Till now, the popularity of the DAO projects is growing due to the following reasons:

The DAOs are based on the decentralized blockchain network, so decisions cannot be changed unless all or majority of members of DAO do not agree that’s why it is a fully democratic system.Everyone is free to join the project.DAObased DeFi offers permissionless, transparent financial service to everyone without restrictions.The major dApps are governed by DAOs.

The craze on DAO projects is looking to grow even in 2022, so it is interesting to hear the opinions regarding the best DAO projects in 2022.
Best DAO projects to follow in 2022

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We have asked 615 Experty community members questions related to "Best upcoming DAO projects to follow in 2022". We have received many valuable replies, the best ones (based on Experty community feedback) you can read below.

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article avatarEmiola Okiki

Passionate in crypto & student

Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

I would recommend Uniswap. Uniswap is known popularly as a decentralized trading protocol. It is a automated trading of decentralized finance (Defi) tokens. Safety is undoubted because it is an ERC-20 token, I.e it is operated or requires Ethereum to function. As Uniswap being decentralized, it allows peer-to-peer crypto trading and it was accomplished using smart contract (built on the Ethereum protocol). Uniswap has become a go-to investment for many crypto enthusiasts. It has become top 20 cryptocurrency in market capitalization. It has become the largest decentralized exchange(DEX) in the world. Uniswap is one of the growing DAO project recently price currently at about $15 and has tendency of growing to up to $30-$50 this year. Investor can also earn Uni token by also contributing to the liquidity pool supporting this DEX. Investing in Uniswap is not a bad idea it's a good move in securing the future.

article avatarAleksander D.

Entrepreneur, crypto investor, programmer

Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

Recently i have discovered SputnikDAO. It is a hub of DAOs, those are based on the NEAR protocol. Currently it contains about ~250 of different DAOs, related to finance, or education, or local communities, and so on. Moreover, it is a powerful tool, which allows you to create own DAO in minutes, doesn't require a special tech skill and with a low starting expenses( 5 NEAR or ~$80 ). Actually even this amount is not as a fee or a price, or any else non refunded charges. This is just the first contribution in the treasury fund of your own DAO, so it remains your too. NEAR protocol provides fast & low cost transactions, exactly what you need to power any DAO community, doesn't depend what the DAO does: either develops new DApps, or draws new pictures&NFT for games, or anything else. Moreover, NEAR coin itself is undervalued yet on my mind. So it might be a good investment prospective to build a DAO using this protocol. With SputnikDAO you can easily learn in practice what is DAO indeed and how it works inside, you can build your own as well as join any existing at it's early beginning. Simply try yourself in a real DAO instead of just to speak many about DAOs in general. That's why i strongly recommend to pay attention to this hub.

article avatar


Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

GoodDAO from GoodDollar, an organisation that let users or organisations to make use of their digital assets to help others where an ongoing money flow of digital basic income is created and given away to any users in the world to claim it on daily basis for free.

article avatarOffelia Ogg

day trading, investment, crypto enthusiast

Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

There are two main advantages of DAOs: 1. DAOs completely decentralized, each memeber has equal right to vote and can regulate relationships between partisipans by creating the rules for trade, 2. DAOs can give more eficient managing portfolio with less capital. I would recommended to follow Merit Circle. It's DAO focused on play to earn games. The comunity choose the best games to invest and support their growth. The holders recive gains when the project which gets more voting becomes sucsesful. What can be more exciting than games that have their own economy system. Especially in this time of metaverse rising. The comunity is active and divers and constantly looking for best projects, also reward creativity and has giveaway event.

article avatarArindam Majumdar

Crypto Trader

Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

Decentralized Autonomous Organization or a DAO aims to replace the conventional management structure of an organization. When the ‘The DAO’ failed in 2016 a large world population was even unaware of terms like blockchain and cryptocurrency let alone DAO. But, since the late 2019 people are familiar with the aforementioned terms and certainly the ConstitutionDAO made a lot of people understand what a DAO is. • With the kind of automation coming in we must think of implementing some kind of Universal Basic Income (UBI) and Proof of Humanity DAO is one such which uses a Sybil resistant identity protocol with open participation and rewards everyone with UBI tokens. • We cannot overlook the craze for NFTs and the metaverse idea and I’m looking forward to FEIYU built on NEAR. A few more DAOs I’ll be looking forward this year: • MAKER DAO • CURVE DAO • Decenterland DAO • Uniswap DAO

article avatarKrishnendu Chatterjee

BD & Partnership Head

Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

The top 5 DAO projects, I would recommend - 1. UMA - A protocol for decentralized financial products which has received quite a bit of institutional funding. 2. InSure DeFi - A simple to use platform to protect against scammers, stolen funds. Great use case and if they can get proper partnerships, can really be a strong project. 3. Ox Protocol - Liquidity Aggregator for DeFi. A very niche requirement for different DeFi projects to operate in various platforms with a good scope in growth. 4. Alienworlds - A top-notch gamify project, with a strong team and strong future roadmap. 5. SHIB DAO - Its the first DAO for a meme coin and it would be very interesting use case to drive it forward. Bonus - BusyDAO - This DAO is trying to democratize Freelancer economy and has a very strong use case.

article avatarVision N

Full Stack Developer / Crypto / Blockchain

Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

There are different types of DAOs like Social DAOs, Gaming DAOs, and Collector DAOs, etc. There are so many DAO projects are evolving in this sphere so detecting the best and promising projects is somehow difficult for ordinary users. For me, I have the four best DAO projects to look at in 2022. They are as follows: Yield Guild: If you haven’t heard about Yield Guild, it’s a gaming DAO that allows game developers to crowdfund and develop their products. It prefers the Play-to-Earn economy for the users and everything is based on the decentralized blockchain network. Flamingo DAO: This DAO platform is essentially focused on NFTs. It is created to seek the possibilities of ownable digitalized assets in the service of mankind. It allows artists or creators to sell or buy the assets with freedom. Gnosis DAO: It is built on the Ethereum blockchain network as the decentralized forecasting tool. It allows anyone to create transparent prediction campaigns. Maker DAO: It is one of the oldest but interesting DAO projects. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain protocol with the unique stable coin DAI. The DAI is the world’s first stablecoin with a genuine ecosystem in the decentralized system.

article avatarGENIEral's Collection


Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

Metamask Dao best project to be awaiting this year good to hold and best token around the world. Every user gets free MetaDao. Better hold if eligible

article avatarMARCO MACIAS P.


Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

DAO shapeshift because it has many benefits to belong to the project, keeping the FOX tokens, you receive rewards as compensation for the gas used in the exchange, they also offered a good aidrop to all those who be holders of the FOX token and also for new users, moreover, the governance of the token makes users decide the future of the project through user voting and also if you are the holder of the FOX token you can propose proposals to change or improve the project and the other users will decide whether to accept the proposal and to carry out the project for better development, and this contract makes the project fully decentralized.

article avatarMarcin Szmyd

IT Administrator

Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

I recommend the DAOStack, because this is an open source project advancing the technology and adoption of decentralized governance. The DAOstack is building a modular and the software stack for DAOs that includes a library of governance protocols.


We asked about the best DAO platforms for Experty members. They have shared so many platforms with the reasons why they are the best according to their opinions. So, in essence, DAOs based on decentralized blockchain technology are the best option to have freedom in different industries. They have realworld usecases for effective solutions like liquidity aggregator, balance theft protection, decentralized market prediction tool, PlaytoEarn economybased gaming platforms, decentralized social media platforms, voting, token swap, and many more.
The DAOs are also believed to be improving in the future as the advanced platforms are coming in through the different nextlevel blockchain networks. Some platforms are at the experimental phase. Of course, there are some issues, but it doesn’t mean, blockchain developers can’t solve them. It will be worth watching the performances of existing DAOs like MakerDAO, Uniswap, Aave, BitDAO, etc., and new DAO projects in 2022.

This is not a financial advice. Please do your own research and consider the risks of trading cryptocurrencies.

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