community: Best upcoming DAO projects to follow in 2022

community: Best upcoming DAO projects to follow in 2022

< Show Wisdom Collection: Best upcoming DAO projects to follow in 2022article avatarAleksander D.

Entrepreneur, crypto investor, programmer

Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

Recently i have discovered SputnikDAO. It is a hub of DAOs, those are based on the NEAR protocol. Currently it contains about ~250 of different DAOs, related to finance, or education, or local communities, and so on. Moreover, it is a powerful tool, which allows you to create own DAO in minutes, doesn't require a special tech skill and with a low starting expenses( 5 NEAR or ~$80 ). Actually even this amount is not as a fee or a price, or any else non refunded charges. This is just the first contribution in the treasury fund of your own DAO, so it remains your too. NEAR protocol provides fast & low cost transactions, exactly what you need to power any DAO community, doesn't depend what the DAO does: either develops new DApps, or draws new pictures&NFT for games, or anything else. Moreover, NEAR coin itself is undervalued yet on my mind. So it might be a good investment prospective to build a DAO using this protocol. With SputnikDAO you can easily learn in practice what is DAO indeed and how it works inside, you can build your own as well as join any existing at it's early beginning. Simply try yourself in a real DAO instead of just to speak many about DAOs in general. That's why i strongly recommend to pay attention to this hub.

article avatarJuan Diego Gomez Peña

UX Researcher and Designer

Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

I would like to start with BitDAO. Without a doubt, it is the DAO ecosystem with the greatest projection in my opinion. The efficiency of its voting system ensures that the holders are the ones who determine the way forward. All of the above without mentioning the evident trust of the community over the last year. I would also like to mention Decentraland DAO being widely known in the community because I would like to highlight his social qualities that may be overlooked. But the truth about these spaces in the metaverse is an opportunity to improve systems that are vulnerable to human morality and ensure that take actions over a conflict resolution or political debates can be carried out without additional moral and ethically extrapolations. And last but not least, my favorite since its inception: MakerDAO. Now with the whole issue of the approved proposal to bring real-world assets (RWAs) to the crypto-world with the help of Centrifuge, I don't stop liking it more and more. This 2022 will bring new narratives to the metaverse that looks better every day.

article avatarJason Thornsberry

Crypto enthusiast

Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

There’s a few DAO projects that I follow closely and participate in. One project I’m really excited about is POAPathon which you probably haven’t heard and for good reason, it’s just getting started. The NFT market currently has great momentum and generates an amazing amount of revenue. POAPathon is a organization that offers artists the opportunity to receive rewards for design submissions placed by sponsors and sponsors could be other DAO’s or any individual wanting to issue poaps for events such as community calls, birthdays, or any important event. POAPathon has quadrupled its discord membership numbers since it was created 2 months ago there is now over 6,000 users, and artists have received close to 5,000 usd in bounty rewards. There’s currently 10,000$ worth of bounty rewards available for poap and pog designs. POAPathon is worth checking out imho.

article avatarRick Spindler


Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

OHMDAO is the trendsetter in Defi. There are now hundreds of Ohm forks which aspire to capture Defi value utilizing the OhmDao idea. Watching what becomes of the origin idea will provide insight about the rest. MidasDao is an Ohm fork that is attempting to capture value from Web3, P2E, and NFT tokens in 2022. This dao has implimented various taxing strategies to stimulate staking and prevent mass selling in whale manipulation. It has a well diversified treasury and a dedicated and active developer team. WonderlandDao is another Ohm fork with a very active community. I expect that Wonderland will collect significant value over time. RomeDao is an attempt to collect value from Play to Earn gaming, with an active community and developer team. I expect RomeDao to succeed and to capture value from the growing worldwide interest in P2E.

article avatarGipson Gilbert


Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

Tezdao $TezDAO is fair launch token airdropped to users of the top DeFi and NFT platforms on Tezos. It will enable the community to participate in staking and yield farming, as well as voting on DAO governance and grant distribution to exciting new projects

article avatarSebastian Smud

Cryptographic Investment Manager/Founder Torrefuerte Capital and V15 Venture Capital

Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

I would recommend Solcubator on the Solana network ,it is a pitching platform where it is the community government that chooses the exit projects ,I find it very important that it is the community that has control of the pre-sale process of the projects protecting the funds from scams and bad actors ,nowadays there are many pitching platforms but with too much bureaucracy and very complex and also with high entry fees for retail investors ,Solcubator in my opinion simplifies the process and gives the power of decision back to the community.

article avatarRico Fransisco

employee labor & crypto enthusiast

Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

Dao $Gas , this is good project and strong community . because behind him are people who work hard and deserve to be followed , That's why I'm also involved in this project

article avataranonymous Man


Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

Ecc (Empire capital) because they are supported by big community and have a healthy chart also the fundamentals of the project is Intriguing and they have a real usecase This is the best one I see for now and better daos might show up in the future

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