tokens: Best upcoming DAO projects to follow in 2022

tokens: Best upcoming DAO projects to follow in 2022

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Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

I would recommend Uniswap. Uniswap is known popularly as a decentralized trading protocol. It is a automated trading of decentralized finance (Defi) tokens. Safety is undoubted because it is an ERC-20 token, I.e it is operated or requires Ethereum to function. As Uniswap being decentralized, it allows peer-to-peer crypto trading and it was accomplished using smart contract (built on the Ethereum protocol). Uniswap has become a go-to investment for many crypto enthusiasts. It has become top 20 cryptocurrency in market capitalization. It has become the largest decentralized exchange(DEX) in the world. Uniswap is one of the growing DAO project recently price currently at about $15 and has tendency of growing to up to $30-$50 this year. Investor can also earn Uni token by also contributing to the liquidity pool supporting this DEX. Investing in Uniswap is not a bad idea it's a good move in securing the future.

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Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

Decentralized Autonomous Organization or a DAO aims to replace the conventional management structure of an organization. When the ‘The DAO’ failed in 2016 a large world population was even unaware of terms like blockchain and cryptocurrency let alone DAO. But, since the late 2019 people are familiar with the aforementioned terms and certainly the ConstitutionDAO made a lot of people understand what a DAO is. • With the kind of automation coming in we must think of implementing some kind of Universal Basic Income (UBI) and Proof of Humanity DAO is one such which uses a Sybil resistant identity protocol with open participation and rewards everyone with UBI tokens. • We cannot overlook the craze for NFTs and the metaverse idea and I’m looking forward to FEIYU built on NEAR. A few more DAOs I’ll be looking forward this year: • MAKER DAO • CURVE DAO • Decenterland DAO • Uniswap DAO

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Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

DAO shapeshift because it has many benefits to belong to the project, keeping the FOX tokens, you receive rewards as compensation for the gas used in the exchange, they also offered a good aidrop to all those who be holders of the FOX token and also for new users, moreover, the governance of the token makes users decide the future of the project through user voting and also if you are the holder of the FOX token you can propose proposals to change or improve the project and the other users will decide whether to accept the proposal and to carry out the project for better development, and this contract makes the project fully decentralized.

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Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

As of today, the profitable DAO that I recommend is WonderlandTIME from Avalanche. Though almost all tokens value fall, still the reward that you can get is pretty enough to get your ROI in few weeks.

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Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

OHMDAO is the trendsetter in Defi. There are now hundreds of Ohm forks which aspire to capture Defi value utilizing the OhmDao idea. Watching what becomes of the origin idea will provide insight about the rest. MidasDao is an Ohm fork that is attempting to capture value from Web3, P2E, and NFT tokens in 2022. This dao has implimented various taxing strategies to stimulate staking and prevent mass selling in whale manipulation. It has a well diversified treasury and a dedicated and active developer team. WonderlandDao is another Ohm fork with a very active community. I expect that Wonderland will collect significant value over time. RomeDao is an attempt to collect value from Play to Earn gaming, with an active community and developer team. I expect RomeDao to succeed and to capture value from the growing worldwide interest in P2E.

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Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

In my opinion the most recommended DAO projects are yooshifamily , because the projects are very decentralized and clear, with two nft games DNAxCat and StarMON yooshi will be trending in 2022 and become cryptocurrency tokens in the world

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Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

BitDAO (BIT) Slightly more popular than Rally, BitDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that intends to make it much easier for everyone to launch their own personalized crypto tokens and decentralized applications. The unique aspect of BitDAO is that it includes token swaps and a multi-asset BitDAO Treasury, which is used to accumulate various kinds of crypto tokens. According to BitDAO, the DAO is a tool to create a fully decentralized platform that will change over time according to the wishes of its users. In order to do that, BitDAO aims to support a variety of crypto projects focusing on DeFi, NFTs, DAOs and gaming.

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Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

MakerDAO maker Dao uses governance polls with the governance dashboard for sustaining and protection from rapid fluctuations in the market. MakerDAO has MKR token, for voting rights in polls Dao creates, MKR is also the sole value capturing mechanism for MakerDAO . This implies that the ones who shape the ecosystem via holding and voting using MKR tokens are on the beneficial edge given the future successes of the project, and not members who will use pump and dump strategies to devalue the prices, or control the movements.

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Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

Amidst all the DAO (Decentralized Antonomous Organization tokens out there, just to name a few like, $UNISWAP $AAVE $MAKER $DASH $UNISWAP $DECRED $ETHEREUM NAME SERVICE $MANGO $AKROPOLIS, I would recommend following CURVE DAO. My reasons are stated below CURVE DAO is the governance token for CURVE Finance, which currently assist exchanges as an Automated Market Maker (AMM) by providing liquidity. Not to mention its a top liquidity provider around crypto. Also with less volatile assets, it offers low spillage & low fee swaps. Curve Finance is a fully collateralized, peer-to-peer network of fiat currencies built on the Ethereum blockchain. This network is governed by the DAO token holders who can vote on proposals and receive rewards. I expect it to be very bullish going forward.

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Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

UNISWAP. Know very well, Uni swap is a popular decentralized trade platform that is recognized for its role in allowing automatic trading of decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens. Uniswap has a native token called $UNI, which is used for governance and also serves as a trading pair with another cryptocurrency such as USDT.

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