assets: Best upcoming DAO projects to follow in 2022

assets: Best upcoming DAO projects to follow in 2022

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Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

GoodDAO from GoodDollar, an organisation that let users or organisations to make use of their digital assets to help others where an ongoing money flow of digital basic income is created and given away to any users in the world to claim it on daily basis for free.

article avatarVision N

Full Stack Developer / Crypto / Blockchain

Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

There are different types of DAOs like Social DAOs, Gaming DAOs, and Collector DAOs, etc. There are so many DAO projects are evolving in this sphere so detecting the best and promising projects is somehow difficult for ordinary users. For me, I have the four best DAO projects to look at in 2022. They are as follows: Yield Guild: If you haven’t heard about Yield Guild, it’s a gaming DAO that allows game developers to crowdfund and develop their products. It prefers the Play-to-Earn economy for the users and everything is based on the decentralized blockchain network. Flamingo DAO: This DAO platform is essentially focused on NFTs. It is created to seek the possibilities of ownable digitalized assets in the service of mankind. It allows artists or creators to sell or buy the assets with freedom. Gnosis DAO: It is built on the Ethereum blockchain network as the decentralized forecasting tool. It allows anyone to create transparent prediction campaigns. Maker DAO: It is one of the oldest but interesting DAO projects. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain protocol with the unique stable coin DAI. The DAI is the world’s first stablecoin with a genuine ecosystem in the decentralized system.

article avatarJuan Diego Gomez Peña

UX Researcher and Designer

Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

I would like to start with BitDAO. Without a doubt, it is the DAO ecosystem with the greatest projection in my opinion. The efficiency of its voting system ensures that the holders are the ones who determine the way forward. All of the above without mentioning the evident trust of the community over the last year. I would also like to mention Decentraland DAO being widely known in the community because I would like to highlight his social qualities that may be overlooked. But the truth about these spaces in the metaverse is an opportunity to improve systems that are vulnerable to human morality and ensure that take actions over a conflict resolution or political debates can be carried out without additional moral and ethically extrapolations. And last but not least, my favorite since its inception: MakerDAO. Now with the whole issue of the approved proposal to bring real-world assets (RWAs) to the crypto-world with the help of Centrifuge, I don't stop liking it more and more. This 2022 will bring new narratives to the metaverse that looks better every day.

article avatarJason McLaughlin


Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

I would recommend the DAO project by PleasrDAO because it already has a portfolio full of multimillion-dollar assets. In June, it bought the original "Doge" meme nonfungible token, or NFT, for $4 million.

article avatarBerthman Hutabarat


Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

Gaming DAO is a recommended project to follow. In my opinion, booming about NFT with P2E just the beginning, with DAO, it will be perfect. I recommend IBC DAO. It will promise a lot of feature be provided such as yield generating NFTs, PFP NFTs, virtual lands, and in-game assets.

article avatarGireesh Kumar

Self employment

Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

MANTRA dao is one of the my recommendations dao project for upcoming good growth in 2022. Mantra dao have amazing features that give fully control to users for doing as own choice with own assets . Mantra dao have multi choice is diffrent blockchains , dapps , supported CEX , and smart contracts .

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Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

I’d prefer AAVE because Aave is an Open Source and Non-Custodial protocol to earn interest on deposits and borrow assets. The protocol features Flash Loans

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Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

Amidst all the DAO (Decentralized Antonomous Organization tokens out there, just to name a few like, $UNISWAP $AAVE $MAKER $DASH $UNISWAP $DECRED $ETHEREUM NAME SERVICE $MANGO $AKROPOLIS, I would recommend following CURVE DAO. My reasons are stated below CURVE DAO is the governance token for CURVE Finance, which currently assist exchanges as an Automated Market Maker (AMM) by providing liquidity. Not to mention its a top liquidity provider around crypto. Also with less volatile assets, it offers low spillage & low fee swaps. Curve Finance is a fully collateralized, peer-to-peer network of fiat currencies built on the Ethereum blockchain. This network is governed by the DAO token holders who can vote on proposals and receive rewards. I expect it to be very bullish going forward.

article avatarIseoluwa Mathew

Student & crypto enthusiast

Which DAO project would you recommend following and why?

I will recommend pancakeswap dao.. Is the biggest dao with huge transaction and users. It as many opportunities attach for its users such as 1) staking single assets example cake to earn more more token or other token 2) Liquidity farming is also one of its great future 3)It has big nft market space as well for buying and selling of verified nft Most importantly the gas fee to use the dao is pocket friendly. And is sponsor by the no 1 exchange binance.

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