Undervalued crypto assets ready to explode in 2022

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Undervalued crypto assets ready to explode in 2022

Lately, we asked about the main factors that drive up or down the price of digital assets and what’s your most important priority when choosing the right project/token/coin, the whole article you can read here.
Cryptocurrencies develop dynamically and affect many sectors. Crypto enthusiasts believe that Metaverse, NFTs, Gaming, and DeFi are just the beginning.
As 2021 is coming to an end (it has been a wild ride though), we’d like to ask you about your predictions on what crypto asset will explode in 2022 in your opinion. If you observe the crypto market closely, you probably know that it could be hard to figure out which one will go up next and why.
In the comments below you can find undervalued digital assets that have great potential for growth based on their strong teams, robust technology, and real-world use cases.

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We have asked 766 Experty community members questions related to "Undervalued crypto assets ready to explode in 2022". We have received many valuable replies, the best ones (based on Experty community feedback) you can read below.

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article avatarRichard Trummer

OTC Deals. ICO Advisor at Cryotoknowmics, BITOZZ and More, Strategy, Investor Relations, Big Network in The Cryptospace

Which crypto sector will explode in 2022 (NFT, Gaming, DeFi…)? Why?

We have seen many sectors flourish already. Defi had it`s run, NFT`s, Gaming...The latest one has been the Metaverses. I think all of these are great. Defi most likely will have another run in the bull run but go down once the bear market kicks in. Metaverses, Gaming and NFT`s are kind of connected with each other. Gaming is going to just grow and grow and in my opinion I think that gaming and NFT`s might be much less affected from a bear market, than other sectors, because gamers just don`t care about the overall crypto-market. They want to have great gaming experiences and enjoy the game. Bull or Bear does not matter for them. In conlusion I think investing into great gaming projects and NFT`s might be a great opportunity right now(no financial advise, just my opinion).

Which undervalued crypto asset will go up in 2022? Why this one?

Terra Luna is going to see major highs in 2022. The ecosystem does need a great stable coin and UST is destined to take over. Every time UST is minted Luna gets burned. Furthermore the LUNA ecosystem is going to grow immensely and will be much more adopted. Plus: If you stake LUNA on terrastation you will get rewarded with airdrops from new LUNA projects. Those can be great value as well. All in all it is a great ecosystem!

article avatarKenneth Anyamba

Crypto Writer

Which crypto sector will explode in 2022 (NFT, Gaming, DeFi…)? Why?

The Q1 of 2021 saw a wild sensation in DeFi and NFT projects. The wave is not yet over but something better is coming. Metaverse is gaining attention and if you observe closely you will realize that most metaverse projects are still under development. What will happen when they are fully developed? Metaverse will give NFT another definition and serve as a gaming arena for gamefi but it goes beyond that. Metaverse will not only explode in 2022 alongside Gamefi but it will also hasten the coming of web 3.0 and MachineFi.

Which undervalued crypto asset will go up in 2022? Why this one?

To me, I feel Iotex is still undervalued. Iotex is the bridge between IoT and the metaverse. Facebook changed to meta but they still need Oculus to have a metaverse experience. Good. However the question of decentralization and data privacy is not yet answered by the social media giant. Iotex will connect the physical to the digital and data privacy still not breached.

article avatarAlp K.

Power User

Which crypto sector will explode in 2022 (NFT, Gaming, DeFi…)? Why?

Decentralized Cloud Storage Services will be the future. With the introduction of cloud storage services the physical burden of storage for the end user has drastically decreased. After the big players such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google joined the scene, as an inevitable outcome of competition, the service fees also decreased. The one and only problem with this is all of the above-mentioned service providers own the storage services, hence it is a centralized data storage service which raises questions about the safety and the amount of trust that is needed to be placed in the providers. Today there is a good alternative which is the decentralized cloud storage (DCS). There are projects that are already launched such as Storj, Sia, Filecoin and Internxt, to name but a few. These projects use the blockchain technology to provide their services and for this reason with the ever growing blockchain technology, this sector will explode.

Which undervalued crypto asset will go up in 2022? Why this one?

I believe all of the decentralized cloud storage sector and their crypto assets will go up in the coming years as they increase in popularity, but I believe Storj (STORJ) will lead the pack with its increasing value in 2022. One of the reasons I believe this will happen is because Storj offers some sort of a free service as well and this can increase the popularity of the project on a large scale.

article avatarMarvelous Adebowale

Financial analyst, blockchain engineer and a frontend developer.

Which crypto sector will explode in 2022 (NFT, Gaming, DeFi…)? Why?

I believe Metaverse crypto sector will explode in 2022 as well as the gaming and NFT sector. Although, the main driving force here will be the metaverse. It is clear now that gaming can be done on the metaverse, as much as having an nft Avatar etc on the metaverse, even real estate business as well as Decentralized finance and possibly pre-sale such as IDO, IPO, IEO's would also shape the metaverse and enforce more usecase towards the metaverse. I strongly believe in metaverse crypto sector not for fancy sake but for it's huge potential and compelling solutions to combat covid19 Amongst others I infact won't be surprised if some future match are done on metaverse by soccer pros and clubs I see metaverse project as an unharnessed gold mine. Since the future of technology, depends much on A.I and we are expecting to see an eye contact that can scan or snap a picture, switch on and off A.I devices amongst others, now imagine how such lenses would work in synch with metaverse and also imagine how much drive and economic boom that's going to bring to metaverse projects. Crypto sector with metaverse to me, has a usecase that's all encompassing and also directly relates with life and digital world. So I expect 2022 to be a big year for the metaverse projects

Which undervalued crypto asset will go up in 2022? Why this one?

I believe an undervalued asset like Mana (decentraland) will skyrocket. Another like sand will also go way up Enj will do well amongst many other leading metaverse projects. Apart from this, some projects worthy of mention regardless of whether or not it has to do with metaverse includes: Algorand, ftm, polygon, Solana, Raca, kcs, CRO, to mention a few . I believe these cryptos mentioned as well as others yet undervalued will do increasing numbers in price floor or simply put, gain altitude in terms of their strongest Support level and their prizes will increase in favor of many holders. There are ofcourse some rising projects which are also looking into Defi, metaverse nft, and gaming which I believe would waow us This include zeniq, btcs amongst many others also. Finally I like to not just limit my comments to mainly the undervalued cryptos. I believe, a project like BNB just implementing hard fork or a project like ethereum with the eth 2.0 version could still be sought after or seen as yet amongst the potential cryptos to bag. Including.

article avatarFelipe Poloche

Sales and Digital Marketing Director

Which crypto sector will explode in 2022 (NFT, Gaming, DeFi…)? Why?

If physical art, such as a Van Gogh's painting, has been continuously increasing in value in spite of being known only by a niche of people; What would happen to art related to something that billions of people recognize such as Marvel's characters? I think there is a huge opportunity for pop-art in the shape of NFT's to become a richness-transfer opportunity and guess who is doing so. VeVe is an online market place where licensed Marvel's NFT's are sold, not interchangeable through a link outside their platform which makes them safer to store and not get "pirated" because everybody knows that whatever similar image of 3d model outside is a copycat. Now, they created their own cryptocurrency called OMI (following their company issuer ECOMI) which is currently in the open market still with two zeros after the point but the more the Marvel Universe continues and the more NFT's are sold the more their crypto will be known and appreciate. So, in conclusion, NFT's massively recognized by market and with their own crypto can explode anytime soon. My only concern is I hope it does it like a a big bang creating more life than before.

Which undervalued crypto asset will go up in 2022? Why this one?

I have seen many shit coins and meme coins become relevant in market capitalization but I do not think they will last, are least they are not meant to last but rather make some people rich. This because of the high volatility directly related to high volume of casuals trying to enter the crypto market with cheap buys. Therefore, many of those coins will eventually disappear or maintain a much more cheaper price than cryptocurrencies created by real projects such as IOTA and Cardano that recently lost the pumping impulse but that will, very much likely, demonstrate their real value in comparison to meme coins. Then eventually some casuales will migrate to real projects allowing them to continue growing. It can also happen to limited supplied coins such as Litecoin which is only about 84 million insted of quatrillions as do the memecoins.

article avatarRoseline(Grey) Patrick

Data and digital marketing and crypto trading.

Which crypto sector will explode in 2022 (NFT, Gaming, DeFi…)? Why?

There are actually lots of Projects going on lately in 2021 which hopefully by 2021 will advance further beyond the rich of Time. Most importantly,the Defi Projects is definitely going to take the lead, looking at the watch of things it is going to boom like never before. First,what is defi? It is actually a decentralized Crypto project that consists of an amalgam of cryptography, finance and developed software. They defi actually follows a defined format which means it allows trading of a decentralized assets such as Avalanche,fantom and pancake Swap but most importantly the major thing that is heading the Defi Projects is the alvanche and lots more the Defi Projects allows users to lend tokens and however if the borrower is unable to pay then the assets is definitely retrieved back from the user but no incentives are paid. The Defi is definitely leading for the 2022 on high section and it is most certain that it will make one of the biggest hits in 2022 compared to NFT projects and other gaming Projects as well.

Which undervalued crypto asset will go up in 2022? Why this one?

Well the movement of the seedify funds was a huge surprise to many investors in the crypto community but from the market capitalization, traded Volume and the Total supply, although it is not up to 1 trillion on like Bitcoin but I think it will certainly be no other than the blockpodia. It is generating more Attraction from users and this year it went from the bottom line of trade to the pick breaking resistance to be at the price Value of $0.135. Most certainly it is not done yet and I think with time it will become the next phase of Bitcoin. As for now it Market capitalization is About 238 million and that is a major but huge start for the blockpodia. So from the entrance of 2022 it will become known that the price will be around $2.3 or more depending on the market cap and total supply most importantly.



Which crypto sector will explode in 2022 (NFT, Gaming, DeFi…)? Why?

In crypto this year, we've seen lots of crypto sector outperforming one another. First it was CEX, then to Defi, to NFTs and so on. The Q4 of year 2021 introduces Metaverse as the new trend, so for year 2022; the following Crypto sector may likely boom. 1. Gaming: We love games, but what if we play to earn? Do you understand? 2. Metaverse: Since the announcement of Facebook changing its scope to a metaverse, lots of interest has emerged in metaverse sector and it's the top gainer in this last Q4. 3. Entertainment ( Adult Contents) According to Stat, Pornography is the most views video online. And this sector is taking this into consideration. The coin like TABOO can be made reference to 4. Defi ( Lots of regulations are incoming into the CEX and this will push traders to engage with DEFI)

Which undervalued crypto asset will go up in 2022? Why this one?

Lots of crypto are ready to explode in 2022. I think the ones with good use case, good team and low holders are ready to explode. Ranging from Gaming to Metaverse, NFTs, to internet of things ( IOT) to Defi. There are lots of them, do a diligence to research about the trend and choose your next Degen

article avatarIsaac Musk

Crypto Analyst

Which crypto sector will explode in 2022 (NFT, Gaming, DeFi…)? Why?

So many projects have been created and introduced into the Crypto world, inorder to make Crypto easy and more interesting. over the years, projects like NFT, DeFi, Gaming etc have been introduced to the Crypto world. While this projects are doing great based on their functions, the Crypto sector which I believe will be more explosive in 2022 is the Gaming. Take no offense from other sector of Crypto, but with Gaming, users can earn tokens by just playing. It is phrase as "play to earn". In Gaming, investors or users don't have much stress in holding or trading one Crypto token for another. All they need is to login in the platform, get the necessary verification, download the game app, from there they start earning tokens by just playing the game. With the ease that Gaming provides to users, it will be more explosive than other sectors of Crypto, since it is the more easiest way to earn.

Which undervalued crypto asset will go up in 2022? Why this one?

There are alot of undervalue Crypto assets available now. Although some of this assets have shown some evidence of becoming valuable. However, looking at the coming year, the undervalued Crypto asset that I see rising up in 2022 is XRP. Since from onset, XRP has shown some signs of great potential. Although a number of factors has limited it. But as the year is coming to an end, there have been some increase in the worth and value of XRP. The price of XRP has increase also. It is still hope that it will still go up in 2022. There have also been airdrops, giveaway for holders of this token. XRP is one of the undervalued Crypto asset that will definitely go up in 2022.

article avatarJohanan Orok

Engineering Technologist

Which crypto sector will explode in 2022 (NFT, Gaming, DeFi…)? Why?

NFT, Gaming, Web3 , Projects on Eth Layer 2, Metaverse and NFT real estate. I already talked about NFTs earlier and a firm believer that NFT and Gaming Explosion will continue in 2022, However, I also feel, there is this new web on Metaverse die to Facebook introduction into Metaverse, a lot of people are beginning to be more interested in Metaverse reality, coupled with Covid-19 that forced more peo ple into online interaction exclusively. I also believe that Projects focused on eth layer2 will do massively well in 2022.

Which undervalued crypto asset will go up in 2022? Why this one?

$CRO $Sand $Meta $Luna looks Good $Shiba Metaverse, gaming, NFT, finance, building and real estate, play to earn, dressup like catgirl, Saitaima Inu, Shiba inu

article avatarJoseph Temi

Blockchain developer

Which crypto sector will explode in 2022 (NFT, Gaming, DeFi…)? Why?

All three sectors have an equal chance of exploding in 2022, looking at the progress these sectors have made in 2021. Lately the Game industry is beginning to become a spotlight amongst many crytpo enthusiasts due to the inception of the metaverse augmented reality making P2E games more popular. NFT's are being used In the gaming industry as a non fungible token to reward gamers, this is also an exception attribute and for that there's still great tendency for this sector to experience massive growth. DeFI has always been one of my favorites sectors, it has helped many people have total control over their investments and the gains it has generated so far is highly incredible and there's still more to be achieve with it.

Which undervalued crypto asset will go up in 2022? Why this one?

SFUND. Seedify project has been underestimated by many investors, but after the successful commencement of their launchpad for games, together with their Farming and staking pool the project has been receiving rapt attention lately. This has been a huge milestone to them, but I still believe the present price of $16 is just a piece of the iceberg, another ATH is going to be bridge next year.


We have seen many sectors flourish in the crypto market this year. DeFi, NFT's, and the Gaming industry had their run. The latest trend has been the Metaverse, which the eyes of the whole crypto world were focused on recently. None of them intend to slow down, they are just starting to take off.
We asked crypto enthusiasts about sectors that are going to explode in 2022. In the comments below, you can find thought-provoking predictions which say e.g. that the next sectors which will begin their crypto migration in 2022 will be IoT, transport, and logistics.

This is not a financial advice. Please do your own research and consider the risks of trading cryptocurrencies.

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