Request (REQ) - May 2024 Price Update - 9% Breakout News and Analysis

Chart of a breakout coin price

In the early hours of May 22, 2024, the cryptocurrency market witnessed a significant breakout event for Request (REQ). The altcoin surged by 9%, pushing its price to approximately $0.157. This notable increase can be attributed to several key factors, each contributing to the heightened interest and investment in the token. Let's delve into the primary reasons behind this impressive breakout:

Partnership discussions at Berlin Blockchain Week: The team is actively securing partnerships with other projects, which is drawing increased attention to the altcoin. Impact of new blockchain features


Request (REQ) is a decentralized payment system built on the Ethereum blockchain, launched in 2017. Its mission is to provide a secure, costeffective, and transparent payment solution that eliminates the need for intermediaries. The unique value proposition of Request lies in its ability to support global currencies and offer features like invoicing, escrow services, and dispute resolution, making it a versatile tool for both individuals and businesses.

Key Features

Decentralized Payment Network: Eliminates intermediaries, reducing fees and increasing transaction speed. Flexible Payment Options: Supports invoicing, escrow services, and customizable payment terms. Dispute Resolution System: Builtin mechanism to handle disagreements between payers and payees. Web3 Invoicing and Payment Operations: Supports operations on over 20+ blockchains, enhancing flexibility for dApp users. REQ Token Utility: Powers the network through antispam, governance, staking, discounts, and ensuring network stability.

Use Cases

Freelance Marketplaces: Integrating Request for secure and transparent payments. Subscription Payments: Facilitating recurring billing scenarios. Supply Chain Management: Utilizing escrow services for secure transactions.

Recent Developments

Mainnet 2.0 Launch: Improved scalability and efficiency for higher transaction volumes. Integration Progress: Ongoing integrations with various crypto wallets and exchanges. Berlin Blockchain Week Participation: Active engagement in web3 fintech conversations at @dappcon_berlin. Coinbase Listing: Increased visibility and accessibility for traders. Community Engagement: Recent podcasts and active discussions on development and potential partnerships.

Market Impact

Increased Demand: Enhanced features and integrations could drive higher user adoption. Merchant Adoption: Gradual increase in merchant adoption for payment processing. Scalability Improvements: Mainnet 2.0 could attract more users due to better performance. Visibility: Listing on Coinbase and participation in major events boost market presence.

Risks and Opportunities


Community Engagement: Limited recent official announcements on Telegram and Discord. Market Competition: Intense competition in the decentralized payment space. Technical Challenges: Potential security breaches or technical issues could impact trust.


Innovative Features: Unique solutions like invoicing and escrow services set Request apart. Growing Ecosystem: Expanding integrations and interoperability efforts. Community Growth: Active developer and user community brainstorming new use cases.

Community Engagement

Community Size: Growing, with recent increases in user engagement. Activity Levels: Active discussions on development and potential use cases. Engagement Strategies: Participation in events and podcasts to keep the community informed and engaged.


Request (REQ) presents a compelling investment opportunity with its innovative approach to decentralized payments, unique features, and growing ecosystem. However, traders should consider the risks associated with market competition and community engagement. The project's recent developments and market impact suggest potential for future growth, making it a noteworthy option for those looking to invest in the DeFi space.


The recent breakout of Request (REQ) can be traced back to strategic partnerships and increased visibility at significant industry events. The developments at Berlin Blockchain Week have not only elevated the token's market position but also highlighted the importance of continuous innovation and collaboration in the cryptocurrency space. As always, conducting thorough research (DYOR) is crucial for navigating the complexities of the market and making informed investment decisions.

Please Do Your Own Research always! We are not financial advisors, any information provided in this article is not intended as investment or financial advice. It is merely information based upon our own experiences. The information we present is of a general nature and should merely be used as a place to start your own research and you definitely should conduct your own due diligence. You should seek professional investment or financial advice before making any decisions.

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