mbox: MOBOX - June 2024 Price Update - 7.36% Breakout News and Analysis

mbox: MOBOX - June 2024 Price Update - 7.36% Breakout News and Analysis

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Trade hard. Joy is coming

Spot the Main Event:

#MOBOX weekly burn has taken place! Last week we have burned. 🔥 21,554.49 $MBOX 💎1,613,700 MEC

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Spot the Main Event:

Recent development is weekly burn has taken place! Last week we have burned 21,554.49 $MBOX 1,613,700 MEC.


To God be the Glory

Spot the Main Event:

The MOBOX team has recently burn 21,554.49 $MBOX 1,613,700 MEC. This procedure has made the token limited in supply

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Explore the Core.

MOBOX is a comprehensive web3 gaming platform that integrates user-generated content, decentralized governance, and a virtual world known as the MOMOverse. Within this ecosystem, players can engage with each other, compete for territory in a game called MOLand, and participate in a variety of other interactive activities. The platform is designed to reward players, developers, and collectors for their engagement and contributions, fostering a community-driven environment. At the core of MOBOX is its native utility token, MBOX, which serves multiple functions within the ecosystem. It acts as an in-game currency, allowing users to make purchases, acquire additional characters, and participate in lotteries. MBOX also plays a crucial role in the platform's governance, enabling token holders to submit proposals and vote on the future direction of the platform. Additionally, MBOX is used for liquidity mining, where users can stake in liquidity pools or stake MOMO NFTs to earn rewards. Another unique feature is the NFT mystery boxes, which users can obtain by staking MBOX tokens, further integrating the use of NFTs within the platform.

Spot the Main Event:

MOBOX Weekly Burn took place on May 31st, 2024. MOBOX weekly burn has taken place. The mobox team were able to burn some tokens as part of their weekly burn. On 31st May, the team have burned: * 21,554.49 $MBOX * 1,613,700 MEC The above token burn together with the dragon verse neo beta test season 1 coming to an end, has had a positive impact on the MOBOX token.

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