JasmyCoin - May 2024 Price Update - 7.73% Breakout News and Analysis

Chart of a breakout coin price

On May 26, 2024, at precisely 20:00 UTC, JasmyCoin (JASMY) experienced a significant breakout, with its price surging by 7.73%, reaching approximately $0.0248. This notable price movement has captured the attention of both investors and technology enthusiasts alike, marking a pivotal moment for the cryptocurrency. Several factors have contributed to the recent surge in JasmyCoin's price, each playing a crucial role in this breakout event. Let's delve into the key reasons behind this upward momentum:

Token lock and staking rewards announcement: A recent announcement about locking 100 million tokens for staking rewards might be driving the price increase. Although the explanation was not well communicated, possibly due to language barriers, the community's excitement is palpable. Impact of token lock

Strategic partnership with TEN and JANCTION: JasmyCoin's collaboration with the TEN project and JANCTION has generated significant buzz. This partnership aims to enhance privacy and data protection, leveraging TEN's technology to encrypt transactions, smart contracts, and execution processes. Partnership impact

Integration with major platforms: The announcement of a partnership with tech giant Panasonic to integrate Jasmy's Personal Data Locker into Panasonic's IoT solutions has further boosted investor confidence. This collaboration is expected to revolutionize IoT technology, making it more secure and efficient. Platform integration impact


JasmyCoin (JASMY) is a cryptocurrency project developed by Tokyobased Jasmy Corporation, focusing on integrating blockchain technology with the Internet of Things (IoT). The mission is to restore and protect individual data sovereignty by providing users full control over their personal information. Jasmy aims to create a secure, decentralized environment where data can be exchanged trustlessly between IoT devices and decentralized protocols. This unique value proposition sets Jasmy apart in the crowded cryptocurrency market by addressing critical issues of data privacy and security.

Key Features

Data Sovereignty: Users have full control over their personal data, transforming it into personal assets. Secure Environment: Ensures secure data exchange between IoT devices and decentralized protocols. Blockchain Integration: Combines IoT technology with blockchain to enhance data security and transparency. Smart Contracts: Automates data access rules defined by users, ensuring secure and transparent transactions. Secure Knowledge Communicator (SKC): Manages storage, retrieval, and sharing of IoT data across a decentralized network with minimal latency.

Use Cases

Data Exchange: Users can securely send information via IoT devices to companies in exchange for services. Loyalty Programs: Partnership with Rakuten to integrate blockchain technology into loyalty programs, enhancing security and transparency.

Recent Developments

Partnerships: Rakuten: Collaboration to develop a blockchainbased loyalty program. TEN Project: Partnership to enhance privacy and security in blockchain transactions. JANCTION and C2E: Strategic partnership to expand between Japanese and Korean markets. Token Lockup: 100 million JASMY tokens locked up on BitpointJP starting May 1, 2023. Community Engagement: Active discussions and AMAs hosted on Telegram and other platforms.

Market Impact

Demand and Adoption: The partnerships with major companies like Rakuten and TEN Project are likely to drive demand and user adoption. Market Presence: Listings on major exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken enhance market visibility and liquidity. Price Surge: Recent price spikes indicate growing interest and confidence in the project.

Risks and Opportunities


Security Breaches: As with any blockchain project, potential vulnerabilities could pose risks. Technical Issues: Scalability and latency issues could impact performance. Market Competition: Intense competition in the IoT and blockchain space.


Growing Demand for Data Privacy: Increasing awareness and demand for data privacy solutions. Strategic Partnerships: Collaborations with major companies can drive adoption and credibility. Innovative Technology: Unique combination of IoT and blockchain technology offers a competitive edge.

Community Engagement

Community Size: Growing community with active participation, especially in Japan. Engagement Strategies: Regular AMAs, partnerships, and active discussions on Telegram and other platforms. Social Media Presence: Active on platforms like Twitter, though less frequent updates recently.


JasmyCoin presents a compelling investment opportunity with its innovative approach to data sovereignty and privacy. The project's strategic partnerships, technological advancements, and active community engagement position it well for future growth. However, traders should consider potential risks such as security vulnerabilities and market competition. Overall, Jasmy's unique value proposition and recent developments make it a noteworthy contender in the cryptocurrency market.

Considerations for Traders: Monitor Partnerships: Keep an eye on new collaborations and their impact on adoption. Community Sentiment: Engage with the community to gauge sentiment and upcoming developments. Market Trends: Stay updated on market trends and price movements for informed trading decisions.


In conclusion, the recent breakout of JasmyCoin is the result of strategic and technological developments, including token lock announcements, significant partnerships, and platform integrations. These advancements underscore the importance of conducting thorough research (DYOR) to navigate the complexities of the cryptocurrency market effectively. As JasmyCoin continues to innovate and expand its reach, it remains a cryptocurrency to watch closely.

Please Do Your Own Research always! We are not financial advisors, any information provided in this article is not intended as investment or financial advice. It is merely information based upon our own experiences. The information we present is of a general nature and should merely be used as a place to start your own research and you definitely should conduct your own due diligence. You should seek professional investment or financial advice before making any decisions.

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