defi: Best 10 DeFi projects to watch in 2022

defi: Best 10 DeFi projects to watch in 2022

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Which DeFi projects do you recommend to watch in 2022 and why?

The different DeFi projects are coming into the existence to deal with scalability, interoperability, and high-cost issues. Have my top 10 DeFi projects are as follows: 1.Solana: It is my best project because it follows a revolutionary PoH(Proof-of-History) consensus algorithm to verify the transactions that mean transactions are proven according to the time stamp on the blockchain. It is the fastest blockchain network having the highest TPS. Sol price is increasing, let’s how far Solana-based DeFi projects can grow up in 2022. 2.Uniswap: This is another DeFi giant and has just included Arbitrum network as a scaling solution. The lowest fee and the fastest transaction could inspire this blockchain to achieve another milestone in 2022. 3.Polygon: It is also known as MATIC and is one of the most popular DeFi projects in 2021. It is created as an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution. MATICE price was dramatically rose in 2021 and it is interesting to see whether it follows the same trend in 2022 or not. 4.Everscale: Previously it was Free TON (Blockchain created on the TON blockchain by the Telegram team) but recently the community has decided to rebrand the project. Currently, different NFT and DeFi projects are created on this blockchain and its mainnet tokens EVER have so many use cases. 5.Polkadot: It is another interesting project that has the potential to grow up very fast due to its multi-function and high scalability. DOT price is growing and it will be interesting to follow in 2022 too. 6.Chainlink: It’s programmable token’s bridge concept is excellent as it will allow connecting the multiple DeFi blockchains for the different use cases. 7.Cardano: It is another highly scalable blockchain. It has been announced Shelley upgrade and it is achieving high reputation in the DeFi space. And, last three DeFi projects also have a huge potential to be established in the DeFi sphere as they are trying to deal with scalability and high-cost issues, they are as follows: 8.Aave 9.Avalanche 10.Terra Luna

article avatarFabien Delhaye

Blockchain Expert / ICT Consultant / Naturopath / Hygienist

Which DeFi projects do you recommend to watch in 2022 and why?

Aave, which is a decentralized liquidity platform. One of the first DeFi. It gives lending opportunities and a lot of others things. It allows for borrowing assets and earning rewards. Avax (Avalanche) is really promising too. It is a really fast smart contracts plateform. It plays also a lot with NFTs. It builds connectivity with other blockchains like for example GRT, SUSHI or LINk (a really good DeFi project too). And of course SOL (maybe my favorite due to his rescent performances) or FTM, Luna, DOT, ADA. It is impossible to make a small selection, from my point of view, the best is to diversify our investissements between them all.



Which DeFi projects do you recommend to watch in 2022 and why?

Decentralized finance has actually pave way for mass adoption of crypto currencies, it gives room for lending, staking and rewarding users. In my opinion the following list are likely Defi project to watch out for in the coming year. 1. Birb Swap(BIRB) 2. OOE) 3. Bakeryswap (BAKE) 4. Linear Finance ( LINA) 5. Akropolis ( AKRO) 6. No token issued yet) 7. Qiswap (QI). 8. Chainlink (LINK) 9. Terra Luna ( LUNA) 10. Dodo finance (DODO)

article avatarMwila Wise

General Manager @ Excoincial Exchange

Which DeFi projects do you recommend to watch in 2022 and why?

Many DeFi projects have come on the market scene and disappeared of course with great innovative ideas that could stand a test of time. There are still several projects that will be exciting in 2022; 1. Holotoken project is one of them. Holotoken will be moving to their mainnet with an incredible Elemental chat that has already surpassed Facebook userbase joining the platform. This project would also add metaverse excitement projects launching on their platform and it's currently being tested. 2. GoChain is another project which have developed their own chain which can run on web3.0 apps with improved speed and cheaper transactions than Ethereum, more projects will start developing on the chain thus increasing it's utility. 3. Binance project with it's coin is greatly undervalued, we might see great exponential increase in 2022, the utility of the token is increasing everyday with many traditional institutions adopting it like hotels, e-markets etc Thank you.

article avatarMARCO MACIAS P.


Which DeFi projects do you recommend to watch in 2022 and why?

I believe that the best DEFI projects must have an overall objective they must be decentralized fully and meet its objectives and goals, in addition to always maintaining the importance of its use in cryptocurrencies. take into account what your objectives are and thus know how to invest. examples of DEFI that will have a future 1.LITENTRY It is a new project that is based on giving identity to users between chains and making the use of Dapps and DEFI projects in an easier, more secure and private way. Can have a parachain on the Polkadot network and this increases its use. has a total supply of 100,000,000 LIT tokens. 2.CHAINLINK It is one of the most and best oracles used in projects, as it provides information and data. from the real world to blockchain smart contracts and these perform better. has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 LINK tokens. 3.PANCAKESWAP It is one of the largest decentralized exchanges used in binance smart chain network, it has very good commissions and accepts all BEP20 tokens. has a total supply of 243,290,536.41 CAKE tokens.

article avatarJacek Kołodziejczak

Blockchain | Web Developer

Which DeFi projects do you recommend to watch in 2022 and why?

In my opinion, DeFi projects as I recommend to watch in 2022 are projects related to the NFT and Metavers industries. I imagine that you can place an NFT file with an image against it or a plot of land in the virtual world of Metaverse for which we can take a loan in stablecoins and use them without giving up our property, which may gain value in the meantime.

article avatarChristian Patrick

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Which DeFi projects do you recommend to watch in 2022 and why?

Well,2021 seem to give a head for 2022 and it looks like most Defi Projects are already on the spiking raise even before the year rounds up. However,there are many defi Projects such as Solana, polkadot, polygon, cardano, chain link and many others. But for this case study, following the price charts, market capitalization and it whitelist I suggest the best for 2022 as "Solana". It is going to make a big change in the defi community.

article avatarMiguel M

IT Specialist

Which DeFi projects do you recommend to watch in 2022 and why?

Hi, I am really bullish on Cardano DeFi Projects, I am not a Cardano maximalist for sure, since I also like Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Eldrond, Polkadot and many other blockhains, the problem is that I see Cardano differently, because of it's decentralization and metodology. Take a look, is there any blockchain that have such a fair distribution of tokens where you delegate and receive tokens in form of a thank you? this avoids wales and also market manipulation. Said all this, I am really bulish on Cardano DeFi Projects such as Sundaeswap, MELD, Ray, Minswap, let's see what 2022 will bring us! I hope I have help!

article avatarIsaac John


Which DeFi projects do you recommend to watch in 2022 and why?

Although there are many DeFi project available with great potential. They offer good trading experience to the user. But however, in my own opinion and based on my experience with some of this project, the DeFi project I will recommend users to look out for, is the Solana. This project has alot to offer. Other there are other competing project, but Solana has the capacity to stand out.

article avatarOlorundare Ariyo

Blockchain analyst and cryptocurrency trader.

Which DeFi projects do you recommend to watch in 2022 and why?

Well there are many defi projects but amongst this defi projects lies better one which probably many investors should be concerned about. However,i should be considered about polkadot.

This is not a financial advice. Please do your own research and consider the risks of trading cryptocurrencies.

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