data: Dent (DENT) - June 2024 Price Update - 8% Breakout Crypto News and Analysis

data: Dent (DENT) - June 2024 Price Update - 8% Breakout Crypto News and Analysis

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Dent: Mobile Data Revolution or Hype? Dent focuses on mobile data, aiming to disrupt the traditional model controlled by mobile network operators (MNOs). Let's delve into its core concept: Problems Addressed: High Mobile Data Costs: Mobile data plans can be expensive, especially when traveling internationally. Users often end up paying roaming charges or exceeding data caps, resulting in hefty bills. Limited Data Availability: In some regions, access to affordable mobile data can be scarce, hindering people's ability to connect and use the internet. Lack of Transparency: Mobile data plans can be complex and opaque, making it difficult for users to understand their data usage and avoid unexpected charges. Dent's Solution: Decentralized Mobile Data Marketplace: Dent aims to create a peer-to-peer marketplace where users can buy and sell mobile data directly from each other. This allows users with unused data to monetize it, while others can purchase data at potentially lower costs compared to traditional MNO plans. Dent Token (DATA): The platform uses the DENT token as its native currency. Users purchase DATA tokens to buy mobile data from sellers on the marketplace. MNOs can also participate by selling their excess data inventory through Dent. Innovative Use Cases: Cost-Effective Roaming: Travelers can purchase data from local sellers on the Dent marketplace, potentially avoiding expensive roaming charges imposed by their home MNO. Selling Unused Data: Users with data plans exceeding their typical usage can sell their unused data on the platform, generating some income. Data Sharing in Underserved Regions: Dent can potentially facilitate data sharing in regions with limited mobile data infrastructure, promoting broader internet access. Here are some additional considerations: Project Maturity: Dent is a relatively young project with a complex business model. Regulation and MNO Partnerships: Gaining regulatory approval and forming partnerships with established MNOs are crucial for Dent's wider adoption. Market Adoption and Network Effect: Attracting a critical mass of users (both buyers and sellers) is essential for the marketplace to function effectively. Technical Challenges: Ensuring secure data transactions, managing network latency, and preventing fraudulent activity within the platform require ongoing technical development.


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DENTNet is a global blockchain for telecommunication assets such as mobile data or frequencies. Since the '90s, each mobile network operator has run its own software for accounting, subscription management, traffic management, etc.

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The essence of the Dent crypto network is to create a global marketplace for mobile data, allowing users to buy and sell data packages on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform aims to remove the costs of data roaming and routing for telecom service providers, making it more efficient and cost-effective for users. Dent is an ERC20 token used to pay for mobile data globally, and it has a unique digital SIM (eSIM) that enables users to access mobile data in 50 countries without roaming charges.

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Launched in 2017, Dent is a revolutionary digital mobile operator offering eSIM cards, mobile data plans, call minutes top-ups and a roaming-free experience. According to the company website, Dent employs blockchain technology’s powers to create a global marketplace for mobile data liberalization. Dent has an ambitious roadmap ahead, with plans to expand its services to new markets by the end of 2021. The company has already attracted more than twenty-five million mobile device users, and Dent services are available in more than 140 countries. Enterprise partnerships for Dent include Samsung Blockchain, The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Telecom Infra. Dent is a revolutionary player in the market of mobile communications and data services. Today, around half of the world’s population has restricted access to mobile services because of the high prices traditional mobile carriers offer. Dent brings in the power of blockchain technology to revolutionize this and provide global access to mobile airtime and data.

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