Best play-to-earn NFT games in 2022

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Best play-to-earn NFT games in 2022

The crypto market changes rapidly and in a dynamic way. The latest huge trend, which has been around for months is NFT gaming. If you are looking for new investing ideas, you should consider the play-to-earn world.
NFT coins are becoming more common in video games like Axie Infinity or Idle Cyber which shake up cryptocurrency markets this year with their fun interactive features earning tokens for gamers who want an edge over others online. Gamers earn NFT coins through playing these games to use on trading cards, avatars, or an edge over others online.
NFT gaming trends are still breaking records but it's high time we ask about what NFT gaming project will gain traction in 2022 and why it’s worth watching more closely.

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article avatarSubhi Ash Shalih


Which NFT gaming project will be worth investing in in 2022? Why this one?

The gaming world is increasingly filling the crypto universe. Game developers realize that crypto is a wetland for them. Moreover, the coverage of crypto that reaches the whole world. Therefore, they are trying to combine NFT and games for gamers. Observing the development of NFT and games, nowadays many gamers have great enthusiasm for RPG and MMORPG games. They can play alone, in groups, and in tournaments. More importantly, they will not only play the game, but will get rewarded. This is the difference that might increase the enthusiasm of gamers in 2022. Below is a list of some NFT games that are worth seeing in 2022. 1. Big Time Big TIME is one of the top NFT games with a great chance to prove progress over time. The uniqueness of this game is that it completely releases the Pay-to-Win model. 2. Bucket Sword Ember Sword is a classic multiplayer RPG game with PVE and PVP modes. This game has its own uniqueness, namely that each player will become stronger when they kill the opposing boss. 3. Star Atlas This universe game has excellent graphics. Everyone will be surprised when they look around a universe full of NFT items. 4. Illuvium Illuvium is a game similar to pokemonGO. Illuvium deserves to be in the spotlight of NFT games in 2022, because the game has implemented Artificial Intelligence. 5. Guild of Guardians The guild of guardians will benefit the players because they can get free heroes that can be traded at fantastic prices.

article avatarHussein Hashish

Blockchain academic & analyst.

Which NFT gaming project will be worth investing in in 2022? Why this one?

Here is my personal list. Full disclosure, I have not personally invested in some of these, but have been following all of them closely and see huge potential of success. I based my opinion on these following factors: 1- strong team behind the project 2- progress and updates well communicated to community 3- games are games FIRST, crypto integrated second. 4- fun factor 5- big funds backing the projects (VCs) 6- sophisticated game mechanics 7- each has its own metaverse 8- looks fun to play - Illuvium - Star Atlas - Ember sword - Blankos block party - Cometh - Guild of guardians - Sipher - Axie Infinity (not in a specific order)

article avatarDaniel Cukier


Which NFT gaming project will be worth investing in in 2022? Why this one?

- AxieInfinity continue to be the case and has a consistent roadmap for the next years, so I will continue investing on Axies - BlockBots, which is away from the hype, but the team is very consistent and the project aesthetics pleases me as something that can match any future Virtual World - EmberSword is about to launch its virtual world and has a great potential to explode.

article avatarGaurav Kothari


Which NFT gaming project will be worth investing in in 2022? Why this one?

The number of NFT gaming projects have increased to a extend they all look similar and most of them are just for a small amount of time to make quick money in name of NFT gaming. Some projects which are actually worth investing is $GODS from Gods Unchained. The game is a card game initially build on Ethereum now due to extreme gas fee it is moved to ImmutableX (A L2 on ETH). The game is fun to play and enjoyable and most importantly it's free to play. They are bringing new features like $Gods staking, fusing of cards and much more in the near future. The Game is live since 2018 and is backed by many big investors like Coinbase. At the time of writing $Gods is trading at 6$ and has space to grow. The token has a circulating supply of 33.7 million (as per coingecko) and is trading on major exchanges like FTX, Okex, etc. Sooner or later $Gods will be listed on Binance and Coinbase too. And to end I am NOT a financial advisor and these are my findings for Research purposes only. Any investments are your sole decision and you are liable for your profits and losses.

article avatarMarek Mazur

Which NFT gaming project will be worth investing in in 2022? Why this one?

The Sandbox, Illuvium, Star Atlas, Guild of Guardians, Big Time : NFT games that allow you to not only have real assets, but also earn money from the game, are the future of the entire NFT market, and perhaps even the gaming market.

article avatarVladimeri Zoidze


Which NFT gaming project will be worth investing in in 2022? Why this one?

Illuvium is a blockchain-based video game built on the Ethereum network. Like most games built on the blockchain, Illuvium also heavily utilizes the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology. However, unlike many competing gaming projects, Illuvium is much more complex – it’s a real, full-scale AAA video game, and not just a simple app focused on collecting NFTs, which definitely makes ILV a good investment. Illuvium was founded by two veteran blockchain entrepreneurs named Kieran Warwick and Aaron Warwick. Together with a global team of over 40 people, they have been working on developing Illuvium since early 2020.

article avatarLuciano Gomes Guimaraes

database / crypto

Which NFT gaming project will be worth investing in in 2022? Why this one?

lost relics will surely be the next meta-version project linked with nfts and game, the project has its development on the enjin jumpnet platform that favors transactions with virtually no fees and has generated a volume of pre-sales of nfts and game items quite substantial.

article avatarVision N

Full Stack Developer / Crypto / Blockchain

Which NFT gaming project will be worth investing in in 2022? Why this one?

I would like to say Illuvium ( is the best and highly anticipated Ethereum-based NFT game to watch and invest in 2022. It is a free game that exhibits an open world with a vast and varied landscape for an excellent in-game experience. This could be the best blockchain-based adventure game in which players take an adventure to hunt and capture the deity-like creatures which are known as Illuvials in the game. This game is based on the Sci-Fi of an alien world that is the best and unique concept for the NFT gaming industry. You might say goodbye to the high ETH gas fee in this game as it is integrated into Immutable X and players can prefer a P2P trading mechanism to trade the NFTs at zero gas fee and the operations are instant. There are so many unique things to make this NFT gaming project unique from others and it is worth following in 2022.

article avatarrabie bakli


Which NFT gaming project will be worth investing in in 2022? Why this one?

NFTs collections related to football, Soocer, Tennis or any similar in the The proof is NBA Top Shots which leads the NFT sales rankings, with more than 10.6 million transactions, according to Dapp Radar data.

article avatarMesut Metin

Crypto Investor / Advisor

Which NFT gaming project will be worth investing in in 2022? Why this one?

NFT gaming projects are hyping since Axie's Infinity rally. Almost every nearly-launched project is trying to add Gamify function. So we need to filter them carefully to invest wisely. We seek for a smart system, good-looking design, funny gameplay to attract players and investors. Let me explain my favorites for 2022. But you must do your own research. MANA (Decentraland), ROCO (Roco Finance), SIN (SinCity), REVO (Revomon). But if i have to invest only one, i would buy ROCO to keep my profit highest.


Earning crypto assets by playing games is no longer a distant dream. Many crypto-related games appear on the market every day. Some of them are gaining popularity promptly, others just waiting for their moment which can never come. To keep track of the rapidly changing NFT games leaderboard, we created Top 10 record-breaking NFT gaming projects rank to keep an eye on in 2022:

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