Best new DAO projects to follow in Q3 2022

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Best new DAO projects to follow in Q3 2022

So, based on the feedback provided by our Experty members, we have made a few takeaways while selecting suitable DAO projects. Along with the user's opinions, it is recommended to check curated lists and project trackers for more detailed information about the projects.
We have received opinions about different DAO projects based on the different blockchain networks like Solana, Dash, Ethereum, etc. Some examples are Charity DAO, ApeCoin, Uniswap(UNI), Decentraland, BitDAO, sputnikDAO, Llama DAO, and many more. There are thousands of projects evolving in the crypto world so users have to be extra careful while picking up the best as there will always be risks.

First, DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The most remarkable cryptocurrency feature is decentralized which means no risk of singlepoint failure and this feature inspired developers to come up with a new idea i.e. DAO. Here are the key takeaways for DAO to be noted. The term DAO is decentralized in nature and developers designed platforms to facilitate fully automated decisions and crypto transactions in a blockchain network. The DAO removes middlemen to avoid human error and excessive manipulation by the investors due to decisiontaking powers. The DAO allows users/token owners to use voting rights in the blockchain network.
Alright, it's a brief concept about DAO. Now, let's move on to our core matter of discussion. Since 2016, some DAO projects were built on the smartcontract enabled blockchain Ethereum. TheDAO was the first DAO project to be noted, but it was not so successful in the crypto sphere. Later, different DAO projects came into existence and Dash is the perfect example of that.
Now, different advanced and nextgeneration blockchain technologies like Polkadot, Solana, etc. are in the crypto sphere and different DAO projects are based on such blockchain networks. It is quite difficult to choose the best project to invest our hardearned money (Although crypto is a highly volatile sector) because so many scam projects are also available in the market so investors should always be alert. Some examples of DAO projects are MakerDAO, ApeCoin, Uniswap, Aave, Curve DAO, etc. We would like to hear our Experty members which DAO projects they love the most and why?

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We have asked 5546 Experty community members questions related to "Best new DAO projects to follow in Q3 2022". We have received many valuable replies, the best ones (based on Experty community feedback) you can read below.

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article avatarMwila Wise

General Manager @ Excoincial Exchange

Which upcoming DAO project will you follow?

Charity DAO

Why did you choose this project?

They have decentralized the way charity organizations should operate in dealing with other NGOs. Charity DAO is a decentralized charitable organization that aims to make charity simple and more efficient without political interference and geographic restrictions. Currently Charity DAO has built connection and collaboration with about 50 countries and districts around the world. Ukrainian Red Cross Society received their first cryptocurrency donation from Charity DAO for humanitarian assistance.

article avatarHendra Pratama

Computer Engineering, Web Developer, Crypto Enthusiast

Which upcoming DAO project will you follow?


Why did you choose this project?

I am very interested in the NFT APE DAO project which continues to produce interesting collections and has a solid community. this will be an amazing project in the world of metaverse later

article avatarKipe Nwuneke

An utari

Which upcoming DAO project will you follow?


Why did you choose this project?

Uniswap(UNI) is the #1 decentralized exchange in cryptocurrency in terms of trading in volume.Next to that Uniswap is also the top-ranked DAO by the amount hold in treasury. It was created in September 2020 with over 1 Billion $UNI distributed among the DEX's development team , community members , investors and advisor.Today the uniswap DAO has over 300,000 members who can vote over it's billion-dollar treasury,governance protocols,listed tokens exchange fees and more with there UNI tokens. One of the standout features of the uniswap DAO is that UNI holders can also delegate their votes to other users. This features comes in handy in a situation where you feel like another member is more qualified to decide on a given proposal. $UNI market Cap : $6.2 Billion Treasury : $2Billion Members : 316.1 K Top token holders share :22.8%

article avatarlizi asatiani


Which upcoming DAO project will you follow?


Why did you choose this project?

Decentraland is on of the largest metaverse token by coin market cap, where users can experience,create and monetize content like land avatars,parcels, virtual clothing and events. Unlike competing metaverse The Sandbox (SAND), Decentraland has a DAO that allows $MANA token holders to govern $LAND auctions, and content controls and other features of the virtual world. Take for example the recent proposal to ban the name “Russia” from Decentraland, (i am Georgian which was sacrifice of russian aggresion and it's important for me) , which was ultimately rejected.

article avatarJames Barcus


Which upcoming DAO project will you follow?

BitDAO, Rally, and some other potential DAOs are all worth following.

Why did you choose this project?

BitDAO is lined up to be a one-stop shop. In this I mean a DAO where you can trade various crypto currencies, create crypto currencies, trade NFTs, with support for gaming and DeFi. The technology is also scalable enough so that it is very likely to be able to evolve as needed to keep up with new tech. There are also a few interesting DAOs that specialize. Decentraland, Rally, and Friends with Benefits are all examples of specialized DAOs worth keeping an eye on.

article avatarOffelia Ogg

A farm and a laboratory that utilize blockchain technology for genetic purposes.

Which upcoming DAO project will you follow?

TRON network

Why did you choose this project?

Influence of TRON network becomes more wider. Campaign" Sea of stars" is the brand new direction in crypto world related to commercial aeronautics and space travel.

article avatarAmit Kumar

Web Designer and Wordpress Developer.

Which upcoming DAO project will you follow?


Why did you choose this project?

I am socially active and need the change in the social things. the SputnikDAO I would follow as this is based on near protocol. it is also related to finance or education, local communities.

article avatarR F


Which upcoming DAO project will you follow?

Llama DAO (

Why did you choose this project?

Because Llama is a new DAO approach. It's goal is to enable decentralized communities to allocate their treasuries and assets results. They are building economic infrastructure for DAOs.

article avatarAthanasios Sarigiannidis

Algorithm creator, coder, chem. engineer,trader,investor

Which upcoming DAO project will you follow?

Decentraland DAO is my pick especially for Q3 to Q4 2022.

Why did you choose this project?

One of the biggest DAO in Metaverse world DECENTRALAND , Will keep its value as the crypto market goes into full Bear mode. That derives from the fact that Metaverse is still in its infancy and it will be affected less during the bear market when other more speculative coins will drop harder than MANA. Having a working product inside Metaverse is the best armor against bear market. I also value the actual Metaverse of Decentraland as I'm watching live month by month more bugs being removed and more people trying to buy one part of Land.

article avatarMirb .

Investment Specialist,Crypto Currency Specialist,Analyst

Which upcoming DAO project will you follow?


Why did you choose this project?

KlimaDAO should solve critical problems of the carbon market and in the past focus on the planet earth has been disrupted due to viruses, wars and most likely all this has contributed to a big drop in the price of Klima DAO. However, I expect a great growth of this uncertain project in this period, if the focus on the planet earth is normalized soon, although some investors would not agree with me. This is a project that is at the top of my focus for investing, but I will still postpone the decision for larger investments.

This is not a financial advice. Please do your own research and consider the risks of trading cryptocurrencies.

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