Decentralized Wisdom Collected.

The social token that collects the world's wisdom and makes it universally accessible and trusted.



Experty is a platform that collects decentralized wisdom thanks to pools of industry professionals to make it accessible and trusted for everyone.



We want to make better decisions and improve the flow of reliable online knowledge on fair terms.



Wisdom Collections on a specific topic deliver diversified points of view, combined with tools to streamline the process.

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The Impact of Wisdom Collections

Behind every great decision, there are wise people. Experty Wisdom Collections remove barriers to decentralized wisdom giving you a quick and easy access.

It all happens in one place, so you can make the best possible decision, no matter what you are searching for.


A new way to exchange wisdom

Create your free Experty profile and join the community of crypto professionals and thought leaders based on your interests.

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Receive relevant invitations

Start getting invitations to contribute to Wisdom Collections matched to your interests. Imagine invite-only Reddit topics with a reward for your answer.

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Provide liquidity of wisdom

Reply in a timely manner and reward your time. Knowledge is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.

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Increase your social capital

Share your Experty link or attach it to your Social Media accounts to let others know how you help make a crypto world a better place.

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Discover crypto opportunities

Get informed about new Wisdom Collections, vote and stake on the best contributions, and never feel FOMO again.

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More coming soon...

We are also working on a unique flow for discovering and exploring wisdom on mobile!

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Join our great community

Feel free to send us any comments, error reports, or bright ideas.


Experty Brand Book

Our guidelines outline the rules for using Experty brand assets.


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