We believe in fair communication

Blockchain technology helps regain access to fair and sound immutable information exchange and storage of value. Experty strives for a similar vision for the communication.

Whether it be on YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn or streaming platforms, a generation of content creators, artists, consultants... has emerged. Publishing an unprecedented source of value for their audience. They are changing the world. Do you think they receive a fair reward for that?

Growth on social media is good, but who wins from this?

Creators do not have any control over their own community!

Creators struggle to reach their communities directly! Because of “smart filtering” «algorithms» promotion of paid-advertisement solely for the social networks benefit.

What’s the point of having a community if you can’t communicate properly with it & make a living out of it?

Finally creators: Reward your growth effort!

This is what we fix: empowering every social media platform for the creators benefit, reaching their community directly & communicating with it. Do they have something important to say, a new book release, or a specific content to share: they take back control.

We are Experty

With a proven track record and years of experience developing applications, as well as a deep understanding of consulting and problem solving. Experty is now focusing on bringing fair value for the creators, solving one of their greatest issues by ensuring they are visible to their community.

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