Join the Airdrop and/or solve the Puzzle!

Total prize pool - over $2000 in crypto

Join the Airdrop


  1. For brainstorming sessions: TG group or FB group
  2. For hints and announcements: Twitter
  3. For technical issues: [email protected]


Below you can find a complete guideline. Don't hesitate to ask on Telegram or Facebook group if you have any questions.

  1. Find a puzzle banner in the Messages section.
  2. Try to solve it - find a mnemonic, access the wallet, move the 10 000 WIS prize and let us know via Twitter to get an additional 0.5 ETH!
  3. Find an Airdrop section in the menu.
  4. Share the Airdrop/Puzzle link with your commentary among online communities.
  5. Take a screenshot and upload it as proof.
  6. Attach the direct link to your post.


  • Every proof is rated manually and graded with the number of points according to its quality and awesomeness.
  • As the countdown ends and all proofs are rated, we divide the pool of 10 000 WIS among all participants according to their proofs ratings.
  • The top 5 users with the most points will get an additional 0.1 ETH each!
  • After the verification, you'll receive the email summary of all your proofs.
  • All the WIS tokens gained will be added to your Experty Balance.
Join the Airdrop