We are constantly at work to ensure that we hear and respond to your feedback in the best way that we can. As a result, we have some important updates to announce that we have been preparing for the past 5 months that aim to satisfy your needs.

We have come to realize that there is a shift in the current behavior of people and the economy. We are adjusting the Experty app to bring more interaction, income, and Q&A tools in the form of a quick calling line:

Experty's mission is to bring everyone closer in a fair way.

People have less time in their lives and their attention spans have shortened. Data points to a steady decrease in attention span that needs to be accounted for:

Things are changing quickly, with more focus is being given to shorter content. Take the rise of TikTok and its predecessor Vine for example. This short content keeps consumer preference in mind when doling out entertainment. The same goes for platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Likewise, consumer loyalty is taking a dive. People are more willing to switch to something they enjoy more even if it means straying from what they already know best. What this means is that the experts who can capture attention and keep it will be the ones who come out on top. How can this be done with the tools available today?

To account for attention span decreasing, platforms like Twitter limit and package content into a more digestible time frame. Platforms like these are gaining traction, but there is nothing like them in terms of 1-on-1 interaction during voice calls. Experty intends to fill this increasing need for 1-on-1 interactions while keeping the whole flow brief. This is how the idea for a quick call line was born.

In addition to what is already available to you, we are rolling out two types of calls on this line. The first is a completely new giveaway call, currently 30 seconds, with a maximum of 3 calls a day, reset every 24 hours at midnight GMT. Giveaway calls allow people with large followings to give away calls as a perk to their audience. This also allows a risk free way for people to familiarize themselves with the app and calling process. It can also be used as a reward system for engagement.

The second type of call is a regular paid call line. Setting this up is easy. Here is how the quick call line will be work:

Set your price per minute.

Accept or reject any call.

The second you pick up the call, you start receiving money.

Congratulations, you have finished a call and earned money.

Every new user will have an automatically upgraded Experty account, so you don’t have to wait to take advantage of these exciting new features. You can create an account here today.

These two new features are being added on top of the existing platform that we have been working on during the past two years. We couldn’t have done all this without our community.

Speaking of our community, we know that its an important part of what we do. We have dedicated ourselves to creating a buzzing community of experts and creators from all walks of life and this has helped bring features like this one to light.

There are many ways to create a vibrant community, but not many ways to actively reward users of the community for their engagement. This is why we are carefully crafting an referral program to benefit those within our community. It will be released this Summer. With this, we are introducing service fees on top of every call with a portion of this going toward those who use the platform the most.

This is an important change. Not only is the fee supporting this program, but it also allows us to introduce more FIAT ways of topping up your account and continue offering you the ability to make paid calls on Experty. These options increase operating costs and have to be accounted for in a fair way. For example, credit card providers have charge back mechanisms that increase operational costs. Fees will be added June 11th to all paid calls and will be covered by callers. This doesn’t affect experts on the platform and will only appear on the caller’s side.

These FIAT gateways do not eliminate the need for our native token - EXY. EXY is still our main medium of transaction and the driving force of the app. Every expert receives payment in EXY, but we are also adding long awaited bank wires - currently you will able to withdraw your EXY into a bank account that comes from your quick call line. For users that are using the in-app flow, nothing is changing and their withdrawal of EXY can be done via the Ethereum blockchain to their wallet. Our goal is to bring our application to the mainstream and bank wires were the most requested features in the last few months. This means that the flow into the crypto ecosystem will be easier and it will still support the Experty token.

To wrap everything up, We would like to share with you some calls during February and March that popular streamer and top verified Experty tester Maxi Gashi conducted during his streams.


We saw excellent engagement and excitement on his channel during this implementation of the Quick Call Line on stream. The results were overwhelmingly positive for both community and streamer.

We are happy to be rolling out these changes for your benefit. Thank you for being a valuable part of Experty.